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EGAS aims to connect adults with learning and to work with others to create a culture in Northern Ireland where all learning will be valued and learning will be accessible to all. EGSA is a local, independent, voluntary organisation with 9 offices across Northern Ireland. NHS led website to support refugee and overseas qualified health professionals who are settled in the UK return to work in the health sector. Health professionals from overseas have delivered health services in a different context and culture. Registering to work as a health professional in the UK and applying for jobs requires an understanding and knowledge of the UK health service. Overseas/internationally qualified and refugee health professionals who are settled in the UK and would like to return to work in the health sector, particularly in the NHS. ROSE was developed by a partnership of organisations working with refugee and overseas qualified health professionals, led by North East London Strategic Health Authority. Partners include: HARP at West Norfolk PCT, Queen Mary's Overseas Doctors' Programme at Barts and the London Healthcare Trust, Praxis Community Projects, City and Hackney Primary Care Trust, Newham Healthcare Trust. Link to Refugee Council

Nurse Groups  Thank You to Suzy Maguire at  New England Studies for the Nurse Groups Link recommendation.

Thank You to Ms Rebecca Allen for the following information and Link recommendations., raises awareness of the consequences of smoking and helps communities become smoke-free (, 

The Addiction Resource, promotes health through education and awareness and helps communities recovering from drug abuse (

They both are great organizations. Quit Smoking Community, for example, is being used by many educational and governmental organizations to better inform people about the dangers of smoking.


The George Washington University's website


Indian Health Service 

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